Should you upgrade your hotel room or is that just a waste of money?
Let’s take a closer look.

Room vs Suite
Many resorts offer the option of upgrading to a suite. But is it really worth it? That depends on what the suite entails. If you tend to feel claustrophobic, then having a larger space could make your stay much more comfortable. Also, if you are travelling with children, it is great to have the option of unwinding with your spouse past your kids’ bedtime in a separate living area. However, if your travel itinerary is so busy that you only spend the nights in your room, you might find that your money is better spent elsewhere.

Tip: Find out if the “living area” is separated by an actual door, if you are interested in some privacy.

Worth the upgrade: Playa Cayo Santa Maria (4-star), Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba
Skip the upgrade: Gran Bahia Principe Tulum (5-star), Mayan Riviera, Mexico

No View vs View
The decision to upgrade your room to the one with a view depends not only on your personal preference, but also on the type of vacation you are on. If it is a hectic sightseeing trip with family or a party getaway with your friends, then you have to ask yourself if you will actually have the time to admire the view? However, if this is an adult-only getaway with your significant other or a chill trip with your best friend(s), then go ahead and upgrade – you can already picture yourselves taking in the views of the ocean or the mountains while sipping a glass of wine.

Tip: Make sure that the advertised view meets your expectations – sometimes “ocean view” is nothing more than a sliver of blue in the far distance.

Worth the upgrade: Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik (5-star), Dubrovnik, Croatia
Skip the upgrade: Hotel Luxe (4-star), Split, Croatia

Terrace vs Balcony
While having a balcony seems so much more glamorous, you have to again think of the type of trip you are on. If travelling with people who have limited mobility (e.g. seniors, small children, individuals with joint and knee issues), then it is important to remember that many Caribbean resorts and old-charm hotels in Europe do not have elevators. If you want the balcony, you will be trekking up and down the stairs… every day! Also, you might want to avoid booking a room with a balcony if you have small children who are active – you would be constantly worrying about them staying safe on the balcony!

On the other hand, if you are worried about critters or noise, or you simply want to ensure a better view, then balcony could be a better option than a terrace.