Shopping for clothes, buying groceries, ordering food – nowadays we can do it all online. So why would travel be any different? Maybe because saving money and having an enjoyable trip takes more than just a few clicks online. Below are the benefits of booking with a travel agent.

Real deals. Just because something is advertised as a “deal”, doesn’t mean that it really is. Travel agents know the seat sale trends, so they can give you the real scoop. Also, a travel agency may be able to give you a discount or has special prices for certain destinations. For example, ask St. Clair Travel Agency about flights to Italy – you won’t be disappointed!

Insider knowledge. Which resort has a natural or a man-made beach? How many hours should you leave between flights booked separately on two airlines? Which side of the ship should you choose your cabin to be on to ensure the most scenic views throughout the cruise? How many days should you spend in Venice? Travel agents’ decades of experience combined with insider knowledge and client feedback ensure that your holiday is as enjoyable and memorable as possible!

Hidden routes and prices. Online travel websites are improving, but they still can’t compete with travel agencies’ booking engines. Travel agents can mix and match routes you didn’t even know existed – while saving you money!

Solving problems. Your flight gets cancelled. Your airline goes on strike. Your hotel downgrades you. When things don’t go as they should, your travel agent will have your back, as they would be committed to resolving your issue on your behalf. Furthermore, St. Clair Travel Agency is TICO-certified, which means that your travel purchase is protected in case of a travel provider’s bankruptcy.

Time to think. Tic-toc. You have found a great price online, but the airline’s website is counting down on the 10 min that have been allocated for you to complete the booking. Tic-toc. You are trying to reach your spouse while coordinate schedules and tracking down your boss to ask time off from work. Tic-toc. Some airlines offer you the possibility to “hold the seat” for a set non-refundable fee. Tic-toc, tic-toc. But did you know that with a travel agent, you can usually place a seat on hold until the end of the day (or sometimes even for a couple of days) for FREE! Take your time, so that you don’t have to make a rush-decision.

Instant confirmation. Nobody wants to admit it, but it is quite common to book a really good deal online… only to get an apologetic email in the next 24 hours (or, worse, just a couple of days before your departure date) where it turns out that “the price has increased” or “your flight is no longer available on the dates chosen.” Avoid these glitches and hoaxes by booking with a travel agency – if a travel agent tells you that your flight is booked, it’s booked!

Payment plans. Online booking websites normally require full payment at the time of booking your all-inclusive vacation. If your vacation is still months away, you could end up paying high credit card interest fees that add to the total cost of your trip. Travel agencies, on the other hand, will often only require a small deposit to confirm your all-inclusive vacation and you won’t have to pay the rest until 45-60 days prior to your departure.

Saving time. If it is your first time travelling to a new destination, it may take weeks to do a thorough research… just to plan your itinerary! Sometimes you don’t even know from where to start. Travel agents plan trips for a living, so relaying on their expertise can save you weeks in travel research.

Easy group travel. Travelling with a group of friends or perhaps with your extended family? Planning a destination wedding or a destination anniversary party? Save yourself some headaches (and money – lots of places offer group rates!) and have a travel agent take care of your group’s travel arrangements.

At St. Clair Travel Agency, our agents work very hard to gain your trust and show you how we can save you time, money, and hassles. So give us a call at 416-654-9600 and let us make your next trip a truly memorable one!